Non Status Invoice Finance

Standard Invoice Finance and cashflow funding for non standard cases

Non Status Invoice Finance

Non status Invoice Finance is designed for businesses and individuals who do not fit the lending criteria for most Invoice Finance lenders. Non status Invoice Finance lenders take a pragmatic view towards non standard cases, focussing on the underlying business rather than the credit worthiness of the Directors or adverse information on the business such as CCJ’s or HMRC arrears. Funding is available regardless of status but all facilities are based around a standard Invoice Finance facility giving ‘non prime’ businesses access to ‘prime’ lending facilities.

Who we can help

  • Non resident overseas Directors
  • Overseas owners or ownership structures.
  • Businesses with CCJ’s.
  • Directors with adverse personal information.
  • Directors with previous failed businesses.
  • HMRC arrears.
  • Non homeowners.
  • Businesses in turnaround or recovery.
  • Insolvent businesses.
  • Businesses considered too high risk by their banks.
  • Businesses with contractual debt.

“I was forced to sell my house to invest in the growth of my business. But because of this my lender of 5 years decided that I was no longer right for them because I wasn’t a homeowner. I was given a deadline of 1 month to exit and refinance elsewhere. But as I wasn’t a homeowner this was impossible. Fortunately I was introduced to Oakmead who had me a credit backed offer within 5 days of me contacting them. They then helped manage the exit from my previous lender and a smooth transition to the new one. For someone who thought they had no options Oakmead really came through.”

Where Invoice Finance can help?

Cashflow Loan for Growth
  • Businesses undergoing rapid growth.
  • Businesses experiencing increasing creditor pressure.
  • Businesses with HMRC arrears.
  • Instances of increasing payment terms from debtors.
  • Businesses in need of extra working capital.
  • Management Buy Outs.
  • Management Buy Ins/ Acquisitions.
  • Ensure wages and overheads are paid on time.
  • Increase stock levels.

What we provide

  • Invoice FinanceInstant decisions and credit backed offers available within 24 hours.
  • Rapid turnaround from Offer to completion within 5 days.
  • Deal structures bespoke for each client.
  • Funding up to 85% of the invoiced amount or sales ledger balance.
  • A single fixed fee.
  • A simple application process.
  • Low levels of reporting.
  • Confidential or disclosed facilities available.
  • No tangible security required.

How Invoice Finance can help?

  • Boost cash flow: Don’t wait for your debtors to pay. Release cash tied up in your invoices to increase buying power with your suppliers and fund increased orders from your customers.
  • Fund growth: Generating cash from your sales early gives your business the competitive advantage to fund increased orders.
  • Fund acquisitions: If you are looking to expand through acquisitions generating cash from yours or your target companies sales ledgers by invoice finance can provide the funding required without the need for personal investment.
  • Limited security: The invoice finance providers security is the sales ledger. Often they will require a nominal unsecured personal guarantee, however there will be no requirement to offer tangible security, as would normally be the case with term loans or overdrafts
  • Help with collections: Outsource the collection of your invoices to the financier to increase the time you have available to drive growth and sales, whilst maintaining a positive relationship with your debtors by letting the financier have the difficult task of chasing payments.
  • Credit protection and credit risk advice: By using your financier’s customer risk departments, you can undertake due diligence into the creditworthiness of your existing and new debtors, and ensure that your growth is safe. Use the financier to protect those sales against bad debts or protracted disputes.
  • Flexible facility: The on-going management of an invoice finance facility enables the financier to get close to and understand your business, your issues and your requirements. This makes them best placed to increase your facility as your business grows or your circumstances change.

How 色678黄网全部免费,福利视频网站 can help

With over 20 years experience in structuring facilities across all sectors from startup businesses to corporate entities, we are best placed to advise and structure the right facility for you.

Contact us if you would like to explore the invoice finance options available to you or if you would like us to review your existing finance facility.

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Invoice Finance facilities are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.